ADD is a bitch

But she’s never boring.

I just attempted to Google capitalism ideologies and spent 20 minutes reading about some Australian dude who claims to be the long lost love child of the new C & C Monarch Factory.

I learned nothing valuable.

My idea was to go on this, “let’s write a theme paper like we did in our college days,” and, well, honestly, it ended pretty much the same as those did. I excelled much more on theme papers I wrote for other people. Little side gig.

I wanted to prove possessions are temporary so money should essentially be valueless in the grander scheme of good vs evil, yin and yang, the soul and the ephemeral. That’s not the word. Whatever.

That led to money being, “the root of all evil,” and I had to listen to Ugly Kid Joe and that reminded me of a certain orange turnip who shall not be named, and there I was, trying to remember what I was Googling, staring at my home page and the top article suggested for me was the whole Australian love child guy and now I wish the Queen had been my grandma. I’d have made cookies for her.

Because even my big butt is temporary.

Temporal. That’s the word I was looking for. 1. From the late Latin, temporalis/tempora, meaning, “the temples”. (Of the head, not the church). 2. Related to the concept of time.

As opposed to temporary. You know, the opposite of permanent.

Like money.

And my train of thought.


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