Currently free-balling

Without ADD meds.

Because 1. I’m not working. Don’t need to worry about focus in that department.

2. I’m not in school. Don’t need to concentrate for that.

3. My fucking driver’s license expired. Don’t need to concentrate as a passenger.

4. The entire country is “temporarily out of stock”.

I wondered if there would be withdrawal symptoms.

So far, I now take three naps per day and eateveryfuckingthinginthehouse.

But… I remember shit.

There were some fucking perks to ADD I forgot about.

Like the fact that my brain is returning to the, “every character from Charlotte’s Web” status from before ADD meds.

In my head, I am fun af. And Templeton really will eat anything. It’s my idio-idio-syncrasy. Because I am Some Pig.

Stream of consciousness writing is going to get wild, y’all.

I am supposed to drive with a DMV dude, (DOT dude? I never get those right, on or off meds).

In order to get my driver’s license renewed, I have to drive with one of those people with clipboards who checks off “stupid shit this bitch did while driving”.

Because, I accidentally let my driver’s license lapse for TWO YEARS past the expiration date.

In my defense, I didn’t notice because 1. I don’t have a car and 2. I don’t go anywhere and 3. I have ADD.

Then one day last month I thought I’d look up how long I had before it was time to renew my license and to my surprise but no one else’s, I was informed, I was so overdue to renew I had to prove I was still me and I’m still alive.

Because, obviously, someone who hasn’t renewed their driver’s license in two years must be dead.

I took the written test and passed on my first try.

Which is excellent news since I’ve had a driver’s license for 84 years.

I even got my picture taken and I fucking hate that. They didn’t let me see it though because I have to drive with clipboard guy first.

I think it will be in everyone’s best interest that I take my ADD meds the day I drive for clipboard guy.

I’ve already postponed it twice.

Because 1. I don’t have a car and 2. I fucking hate going outside.

But I have to go or Mr. Arable is going to sell me to Homer for six bucks.

And I have no spider friends.

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